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History of Quechua

HISTORY OF QUECHUA - 1997: Birth of the QUECHUA trademark. The first 6 pioneers, product managers and responsible testing, settled in Sallanches, in Haute-Savoie. A 3 room apartment serves as their office. The first products from Quechua are developed and tested directly on the slopes of nearby mountains.

1998: In spring, the catalogs published by Decathlon present Quechua as "the new brand of Decathlon, created for hiking, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, surfing, biking ....".

1999: QUECHUA installs its international headquarters in Domancy. Lack of space in the apartment in Sallanches, as evidenced by Olivier flatmate, then boss of communications: "We were on top of each other. And we had no place to store prototypes in our facilities. Product managers placed them in their garage! Everything was epic.. The team of Quechua, now comprised of fifteen people, then moved a few miles away in Domancy in the walls of the new store brand."

2002: QUECHUA signed his first technical partnerships. Only five years after its creation, Quechua attracts Karine Ruby, Olympic snowboard Champion, and the Quechua-Les Arcs Team, for raid-adventures. In exchange for the provision of equipment, these athletes bring to the design teams for their expertise in developing innovative products.

2003: QUECHUA, after 6 years of existence, is already in the group of 10 biggest global brands of outdoor equipment (at comparable scope of business). To support this growth, QUECHUA expanding its team of designers, engineers and prototypes. Significant impact: the creation of the Creative Workshop Prototyping and first expansion of the site of Domancy, with the installation of several modular buildings adjoined the store.

2007: QUECHUA celebrates 10 years of work. From links of Quechua with the mountain, Wed'ze born (or Wedze), brand Oxylane group dedicated to skiing on snow. QUECHUA refocused on touring and became one of the only brands on the market combining hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, trail-raid and the North. In parallel, it has continued to climb the ladder and moved to the 5th largest in the world's largest manufacturers of outdoor equipment (in terms of turnover). His teams are now nearly 200 people engaged in fifty different trades.

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