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Ski Elan Apex 2012

Test and Description of the ski Elan Apex 2012 : Sometimes classified "Freeride", the Apex appears more comfortable in the context of use All Mountain, as evidenced by the width of 88mm at the middle, and its good behavior on groomed snow. Price: € 549 without bindings.

Review of Ski-Reserve.com on this ski Elan Apex 2012 : Among the three pairs of skis in the series "Elan Summit", known as skis for Freeride, the Apex is definitely the most "All Mountain", the narrowest one, the most comfortable on all types of snow (groomed snow or powder snow). This is the surprise of this ski: good performance on hard snow (Dual Ti metal plate over the entire length of the ski), and therefore very versatile.

Specifications of skis Elan Apex 2012 :

Program : Freeride - All Mountain
Sidecut : 108-88-128 mm (Elan Apex 1,77m)
Radius of these skis : 21,1 m
Available ski sizes : 159, 168, 177, 186 cm
Core and construction : Channel ood-core. Dual Ti. SST Sidewalls. Construction "Thin Alu Profil". Resort Rocker.
Weight of these skis : -
Ski bindings : -
Recommended ski level : GOOD to EXPERT

Selling Price : 549 €
STRENGTHS OF THESE SKIS : Powerful. Playful. Versatile.
WEAKNESSES OF THESE SKIS : Lack of buoyancy in big deep snow. Weight.

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