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Ski Volkl Estrella 2012

Test and Description of the ski Volkl Estrella 2012 : Versatile ski designed for women and for the ski slopes, the Estrella is equipped with the technology "Bio-Logic", thus taking greater account of the female anatomy. Selling price: € 450 with ski bindings.

Review of Ski-Reserve.com on this ski Volkl Estrella 2012 : The Bio-Logic technology developed for women, has several effects. On the one hand, give more energy, easier turns and reduce the effort. On the other hand, better protect the knees, taking greater account of the position of women skiers.

Specifications of skis Volkl Estrella 2012 :

Program : Women - Piste
Sidecut : 94-73-124 mm (Volkl Estrella 1,58m)
Radius of these skis : 14,8 m
Available ski sizes : 144, 151, 158, 165 cm
Core and construction : Wood-core. Construction "Bio-Logic".
Weight of these skis : -
Ski bindings : Marker 3Motion
Recommended ski level : INTERMEDIATE to GOOD

Selling Price : 450 €
STRENGTHS OF THESE SKIS : Light-weight. Bio-Logic technology.

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