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Ski Volkl Tierra 2012

Test and Description of the ski Volkl Tierra 2012 : The ski "Premium", special for woman, special for carving skiing, designed by Völkl brand. A ski with the principle called "Bio-Logic" to better suit to women's needs. Selling price: € 700, ski bindings included.

Review of Ski-Reserve.com on this ski Volkl Tierra 2012 : Stiff enough to carve on hard snow, the Tierra ski is wide enough (78 mm at the middle) to go in the powder. So, this is a versatile ski, stable and secure in all snow conditions. Addressed to women skiers with a good level of skiing, and women demanding in terms of ease of use.

Specifications of skis Volkl Tierra 2012 :

Program : Women - Piste
Sidecut : 99-78-129 mm (Volkl Tierra 1,61m)
Radius of these skis : 14,8 m
Available ski sizes : 147, 154, 161, 168 cm
Core and construction : Wood-core "XTD light". Construction "Bio-Logic". Powered by Steel.
Weight of these skis : -
Ski bindings : Marker iPT Wideride
Recommended ski level : GOOD to EXPERT

Selling Price : 700 €
STRENGTHS OF THESE SKIS : Easy to turn. Bio-Logic technology. Comfort. Stability.

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